Patty Jackson: The 4-1-1

Star Wars Legend Is Back; Hart vs. Epps; Idris vs. Rock
Lil Rel on a roll Janet's back; Tina Turner's loss
Dash vs Daniels; RIP 2 Papa Joe; The Braxtons Walk
2 Divorces 2 Big Payouts 2 Music Men Filmmakers
Camille Cosby Walks Away; Tiffany Tells All; Jamie Fights Back
Randy Jackson Causing Trouble; Tyrese Sued; Miss America Loses Swimsuit
Major BET Shakeup & Kevin Hart returns To TV
Haddish vs Foxx; Morgan Freeman's #metoo accusers
Whitney abused?!! Dell artists announced & TV News
Michael B.'s busy; Mel B's busy; Pepa's MCM drama
Denzel Washington Is Back In 'The Equalizer 2'
Auntie Talks Donald Glover, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Odunde And more


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