Brownstone Backstage Interview with Adimu at our 2019 Holiday Jam

Brownstone takes time out to speak with Adimu, our Quiet Storm host, backstage at our 2019 Holiday Jam at the Met Philly. They talk about getting the group back together after a hiatus and how they rebranded themselves for their 25 year anniversary. Adimu asked them about their luxurious vocals and harmonies and how they were inspired to start the group, and Brownstone shared some of their vocal inspirations. The ladies of Brownstone also talked about their plans for the holidays with families.

Holiday Jam

Holiday Jam

WDAS Holiday Jam is December 21st at the Met Philly with Kem, Kirk Franklin and Brownstone! AND WDAS Holiday Comedy Jam is Friday, December 20th with Earthquake, J. Anthony Brown, Kier Spates aka Junior and Nephew Tommy


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