Cody Anderson Talks About 70 Years at WDAS

Loraine Ballard Morrill speaks to Cody Anderson, a former General Manager of WDAS. Cody Anderson started out as an account executive for WDAS. He worked with some legendary WDAS personalities like Jimmy Bishop, Georgie Woods, and how he played basketball with Bob Klein before realizing he was the general manager of the station. Cody Anderson also met Cecil Moore through Bob Klein and talks about the station transitioning from AM to FM. He talked about how WDAS was very active in the community and the civil rights movement and how Georgie Woods united the community after the riots in the 1960s and Bob Klein empowered the station to help register thousands of people in the neighborhood, raise funds for victims of the MOVE bombing and more. Cody Anderson also talked about the forming of the legendary Unity Day event which went on for many years in Philadelphia. One was dedicated to freeing Nelson Mandela, one hosted hip hop artists, but they all brought the community together.