Colorectal Cancer Alliance 45+ Reasons

Photo: White, Aidan (uploader)

If you are African American and 45+, you should read this.

If you are African American and 45+, you have a much higher chance of dying of colon cancer. We know this is an unpleasant fact, but we also have good news for you. Early detection can save your life.

The Colorectal Cancer Alliance and Independence Blue Cross have developed a campaign called 45+ Reasons, which focuses on promoting colon cancer awareness among the Black community in Philadelphia. The goal is to get more than 5,000 Black Philadelphians ages 45-75 screened for colorectal cancer to reduce the significantly higher incidence and mortality rates of Black Americans, who are 20% more likely to get colon cancer and 35% more likely to die from it. 

The campaign name, 45+ Reasons, highlights the new minimum colorectal cancer screening age of 45 years old and invites people to identify their personal reasons to get screened – from being able to watch a child grow up to achieving a lifelong career goal – and emphasizes the lifesaving nature of colorectal cancer screening.

Whatever your reason is, the first step you must follow is to take this quick online quiz and find out what your personal screening recommendation is. Even if you don’t have symptoms, it doesn’t mean you are free of colon cancer. 

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