Patty's 411: Luenell & The Legends; Diddy vs Lizzo? More Celebs w/ COVID-19

Luenell and Friends used with permission to Patty Jackson 4 16 2020

Singer/Songwriter/Film Producer/Entrepreneur Babyface, ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Gospel Legend Bebe Winans are all added to the list of celebrities who have now tested positive for the coronavirus.

First up is Winans, who says he caught COVID-19 attending a funeral back in his hometown of Detroit. The state of Michigan has been hit very hard for a while now with coronavirus. Winans says one of his brothers also tested positive and was hospitalized with pneumonia. At press time, he didn’t mention which brother, but did say his mom Delores had a touch of it for four or five days.

Then Babyface took to social to thank his fans for their birthday wishes to him, and he then confirmed he and his family tested positive. The legendary singer/songwriter added that it was a difficult thing to go through, but now he and his family have tested negative. He talked about accepting the Teddy vs. Babyface, as in fellow Writer/Producer Teddy Riley, on IG Live (instagram) this Saturday, April 18th at 9pm. Teddy vs. Babyface is being billed as a celebration of black excellence in music.

Finally, GMA Anchor George Stephanopoulos has tested positive despite being asymptomatic. His wife, Comedienne/Actress/In Living Color Alum Alexandra Wentworth has it and battled heavy symptoms. It’s not clear if Stephanopoulos caught it from Wentworth or gave it to her. Anywho, he’s anchoring from home as does Robin Roberts. It’s our new normal so stay safe everybody.

Comedienne/Actress Tiffany Haddish…. sometimes you can share too much on social media. Someone in Haddish’s camp has ticked her off. She says someone is fake, users and a piece of *******! Haddish says she still loves them and still prays for them, but didn’t hold back on her social media. So Haddish could be doing too much? This is the kind of thing you let go in your 20’s. Haddish and Common are quarantined together, but who is Haddish talking about?Hope this isn’t publicity stunt. Tiffany please be careful and maybe hold back a little.

Philly’s own Lee Daniels didn’t like a story I talked about, but hey I give both sides. I mentioned how he and Jussie Smollett, the ex-castmember of Daniels’ FOX drama Empire, are not on speaking terms. Unfortunately others, probably a Jussie fan, created a different story about Daniels introducing Smollett to R Kelly. Daniels went on the record to confirm he doesn’t know R Kelly, and didn’t make any introductions between the two embattled musicians. Daniels does have some great things going on including the feature The United States vs. Billie Holiday. This picture on the legendary singer (played by Singer/Actress Andra Day) follows her targeting by the Federal Department of Narcotics and her affair with the black agent (played by Trevante Rhodes of Moonlight) who was part of the operation. The film also stars Evan Ross and Philly’s own Da’Vine Joy Randolph (Dolemite Is My Name). No release date for The United States vs. Billie Holiday has been confirmed at press time.

This past Easter Sunday, Sean P Diddy/Puffy/Puff Daddy/Brother Love Combs got into a controversy involving Basketball Wives Star Draya Michele and music’s biggest name right now ….Lizzo. Seems Diddy had an on line Dance-a-thon for coronavirus relief. He had stars on including his ex Jennifer Lopez and her husband to be A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). You’d think that would be the controversy, but it wasn’t. Turns out Draya’s turn to dance involved her twerking. Now she’s built like a supermodel (tall and thin) and her twerking seemed to be no problem. Then came Lizzo’s turn and all of a sudden Huston, We’ve Got A Problem. Diddy apparently shutdown Lizzo’s twerking session because it’s Easter Sunday…even though Draya just did it. Was it fat shamming? Lizzo did get to play her flute, but social media still came for Diddy on that one. Diddy responded and says he didn’t stop Lizzo because of her twerking, but because of the explicit lyrics to the song she was twerking to. He also thanked everyone for their contributions and said the funds raised would go to underserved communities. Diddy’s Dance-a-thon raised over $3 million.

Comedienne/Actress Luenell is coming to The Last OG with Tracy Morgan. Luenell sent me a picture and she’s in her rightful place surrounded by legends Anna Maria Horsford (Amen; The Bold & The Beautiful), Robert Townsend, Katt Williams, JB Smoove and the legendary John Amos (Good Times; Coming To America). Check out the picture on my wdaspatty instagram page. The Last OG is in its third season and airs Tuesdays on TBS.

It’s gonna be a boy for Singer Ciara and NFL Superbowl Champ Russell Wilson. The couple had an online gender reveal with their other children Future, whose father is the Rapper Future, and the couple’s daughter Sienna. Our best wishes to The Wilsons.

This week Black-ish, Grown-ish and Mixed-ish Co-Creator Kenya Barris begins his deal with Netflix with his own show. Black As F*** stars Barris and Actress Rashida Jones, and is a takeoff on Barris’ life as a successful TV producer balancing family, friends and new money. I almost call it a black Curb Your Enthusiasm, and you know how much I love that show with Larry David.Black As F*** is just as funny and it begins streaming on Netflix tomorrow.

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