Delivery Man Caught On Camera Eating The Delivery! Read here!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

I believe that this might be one things to look out for when you order your food to be delivered to your home! A California family might think twice before ordering out again!

Rajesh Malhotra told KTXL his 14-year-old son ordered a cookies and cream milkshake from Cold Stone, but he wasn't the only one who got to enjoy it.

This family was disturbed to review tapes from their security system to see their delivery man taking sips of their sons milk shake before delivering the food. According to, "The family didn't learn about the incident until the next day -- after Rishab had already finished the frozen treat."

Now, I believe stealing fries is considered treason, but drinking from the same drink, despicable! What would you do is this happen to you?

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