Wendy Williams Reveals Hidden Truths About Her Sobriety. Read more here.

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Wendy Williams has never been coy with how she use to "Dip and Do It" back in her earlier days. In the past, she mentioned that she dabbled in different illegal substances, but never quite let us in on how she was able to kick her bad habit.

On a recent episode of the Wendy Show she brings herself to tears as she shares with viewers how she manages her addiction.(See Below)

Wendy allowed herself to be vulnerable to millions of viewers, that takes amazing strength! She has sent 56 people internationally to receive help to get rid of their addictions. With all the demons she has let out of her closet, it seems she has another hurdle to jump.

A woman by the name of Diane Stevens, believes that the Wendy Show discriminated against her and her friend due to their age and race. The consistent Wendy watchers have attended her show multiple times.In this instance a particular Wendy staffer stated, ‘ I am taking the tickets from the older people,’” then escorted them out. It doesn't stop there! According to pagesix.com "Stevens, who is white, says that the tickets were handed to three young African- American women, and so she believes the decision was motivated by their age and race.".

Congratulations to Wendy for speaking her truth! What are your thoughts on the possible discrimination case? Tweet me @MIMIBROWN3 your thoughts.

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