Michael Jackson Music Banned Around The World! Read Here!

Michael Jackson Not Guilty

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Who didn't see this coming! After the airing of "Leaving Neverland" radio stations around the world have begun banning Michael Jackson music off the air waves. International radio stations have made their stance that they will no longer play Michael Jackson because they feel that his music is not what people want too hear.

Canada & New Zealand are two countries that have opted to remove Michael from their music catalog. According toCNN, "multiple major radio stations in New Zealand have stopped airing Jackson’s music including commercial broadcaster MediaWorks. Meanwhile,CBCreports that in Canada three major Montreal-based radio stations have pulled Jackson off air."

The family of the Jackson's: Taj and Marlon Jackson called into our sister station "The Breakfast Club" to forewarn those listening the reasons behind this documentary.

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"Leaving Neverland" has created a stir amongst many. The audience is split between to the two. Did he or didn't he do this? This was a hard documentary to watch but what are your thoughts? Tweet me @MIMIBROWN3 on a scale of 1-10 "Do you believe he did these crimes?"

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