Identical Twin Sisters Plan To Get Pregnant At The Same Time By Same Man!

There are many headlines out there that make your head tilt in confusion but for the sake of 1/3/19 this takes the cake! Anna and Lucy DeCinque are twin sisters based out of Australia that achieved popularity through their search for perfection through plastic surgery. In the mist of looking for the perfect body they also looked for the perfect mate to share! Not to long after they found Ben and he moved in with the them and their mother. According to the twins stated, "We never feel jealous because we know he loves us the same." 

The story doesn't stop there... 


The mother of the twins want them to have children at the same time and by the same man! Apparently their boyfriend Ben is a non-identical twin so he understands their connection and is along for the ride. this is truly interesting situation-ship. The Trio planned to get married, but due to polygamy laws they weren't able to complete their union.

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