Toni Braxton,The Curry's & More Celebs Celebrated Christmas The Right Way!

The holidays, for most, is a time to cook, clean, spend time with relatives and most importantly, catch up on some well needed sleep. I spent most of my holiday doing of the above! In my moments of relaxation, I took to Instagram and noticed I was being Out-Christmas'd (Being Out Done on Christmas) by some my favorite celebrities!  The Christmas spirit could be seen throughout my timeline.  See below.

It began with this beautiful photo of Diana Ross with all of her gorgeous kids. I then scrolled down a little more and see the Curry's. See below.

Next it was Toni Braxton out doing the tree! How does that even happen?

 I am all for slaying on the holidays, but is there such a thing as being out done on Christmas/ being out-christmas'd? These celebrities are setting new standards to what it means to have a good Christmas card as well how what is the right Christmas attire. Moral of the Story: Everyone slayed Christmas and I sat on my couch with family/friends and shook my head and told them "We were doing Christmas all wrong"!

Would love to hear from you! Tweet me @MimiBrown3 how was your holiday?

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