Jaquees: Who is The New King Of RnB"? I Need Answers!

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All of this King talk is all a figment of the mind, but Jacquees believes that no on can touch him in the RnB game at this moment. You might know this young artist from his dispute with Ella Mai about remixing her song "Trip". Need less to say, Jacquees lost that fight and now he believes he is the greatest R&B artist out right as of now.

Jeremih posted a picture comment on who he believes is the "King Of RnB". 

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 Jeremih and R kelly clearly finding the Jaquees rant amusing. As of right now, the art of public opinion has stripped Jaquees of his crown. The public has come with receipts. Jacquees hasn't charted nor has his songs went gold. Leave it to the internet to humble someone!

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Tyrese took things to a new level! He puts his vote in for who will be the Queen of R&B.

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All jokes aside, who holds the crown "King Of R&B"? It looks like R Kelly/ John Legend/ The Weekend/ Bruno even Beyonce has been nominated by their fans and peers. Who earn this title? Tweet me at @Mimibrown3 to continue the conversation.  

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