Gabrielle Union Required Oprah's Film Crew To Get Vaccinated B4 Filming!

Gabrielle Union has let us all know how much in love she is with her new baby girl. With that love, comes a protective momma bear. Prior to Oprah filming her latest episode with Gabby and her newest addition, Gabrielle requested that all of the crew is up to date on their vaccinations. Well Instagram is good for calling people out. She posted a video with her kissing her baby girl on the mouth and the mommy club wasn't going to let her be great! 

Photo Credit: Getty Images


They tried to tell gabby that mouth to mouth contact isn't safe for the baby but she immediately issued a disclaimer. 


Well stated Gabby: :" There will be no mommy shaming on this page". What are you thoughts, do you believe that one shouldn't kiss their kids on the mouth or   should be universally accepted?

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