Jill Scott Revels Details About Her Divorce Judgment.

Jill Scott and her now ex-husband Mike Dobson reveled the terms of their divorce in new court documents. According to Bossip.com "Under the settlement, Scott agreed to pay the $47,815 lien on Dobson’s Mercedes by Aug. 24, leaving her ex-husband free and clear of the car note debt, according to the settlement".

Jill Scott has been a good sport during this whole situation. She has allowed Dobson inside her home to  collect the personal property which included a massage table, hotel robes, a bathroom mirror and Prince’s “Purple Rain” album – as well as far to let Scott know the names of the new owners of the dog that Dobson said Scott gave away. 

This situation seems to be coming to a close with Scott. Hopefully, this will all be over soon! God bless.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images 


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