Black Women's Equal Pay Day 8.7.18

The wage gap is something that has been a topic of discussion for quiet some time. Black women are taking to social media to advocate for the increase in pay with the hashtags #BlackWomensEqualPay and #Demandmore.

According to, "When compared to all men, women are paid $.80 (cents) on the $1. When compared to White, non-Hispanic men, Black/African American women are paid only $.63 (cents) on the $1." 

With these alarming numbers, black women are taking action! This will be not only benefit Black women and families, but all women and families to bridge the gap. I am all for this and what this cause stands for! To know that this is still an issue that remains unsolved, please take action and be a voice or ally to this cause! To read more about this click Here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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