CVS Store Manager Calls Cops On Black Shopper For Unrecognized Coupon

Chicago resident Camilla Hudson took to Facebook claiming a CVS store manager  - Morry Matson - called the cops on her after she attempted to use a coupon he did not recognize. Get the full story - and video - in Hudson's post below.


CVS has since apologized to Hudson and have started an investigation into the situation, but Hudson said she has “nothing to say … because they’ve shown me who they really are.”

As for the police, Hudson expressed the following:

“My point is: While they did not come in berating me, I’m a citizen  of this city as well, and it’s my understanding it’s the job of the  police department to serve and protect everyone...I did  not feel served, I did not feel protected, and I did not feel they were  there in any capacity to represent my interests, and my well-being."

“That’s a problem for me,” she added. “As a woman, as a black woman,  as a native Chicagoan, I’m just tired of it. I’m tired of it...At 53 years old, I’m tired of the dancing around; I’m tired of  pretending it’s one thing when it’s really another...Eventually, people have to choose: Which side of the equation are you  on?”

CVS Store - Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images


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