#Maxwell Stole Hearts At Mother's Day Show in AC!

Maxwell knows how to steal the hearts of the women at WDAS, including mine! This past weekend, he stole the hearts of the women in Atlantic City with a phenomenal performance! 

According to Thisisrnb: "Glady's Knight, Joe, along with Vivian Green and Stokley Williams, plus old school artists like The Whispers, The Dramatics, and more [performed with Maxwell]".

What I would have gave to be in those seats to experience the world wind of music and energy that generated through that arena, but duties call and I was blessed to spend my mother's day weekend with my family and on the radio.

 I truly hope all the mother's in the world enjoyed their mother's day weekend and those that enjoyed Maxwell, I will take him back now! 

Click Here for more details Thisisrnb.com.

Please enjoy this Maxwell favorite of mine! 

Photo Credit: YouTube Video Screenshot

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