#Maxwell Stole Hearts At Mother's Day Show in AC!

posted by Mimi Brown - 

Maxwell knows how to steal the hearts of the women at WDAS, including mine! This past weekend, he stole the hearts of the women in Atlantic City with a phenomenal performance! 

According to Thisisrnb: "Glady's Knight, Joe, along with Vivian Green and Stokley Williams, plus old school artists like The Whispers, The Dramatics, and more [performed with Maxwell]".

What I would have gave to be in those seats to experience the world wind of music and energy that generated through that arena, but duties call and I was blessed to spend my mother's day weekend with my family and on the radio.

 I truly hope all the mother's in the world enjoyed their mother's day weekend and those that enjoyed Maxwell, I will take him back now! 

Click Here for more details Thisisrnb.com.

Please enjoy this Maxwell favorite of mine! 

Photo Credit: YouTube Video Screenshot


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