Our WDAS 2018 Local Sheroes

Congratulations to our WDAS Local Sheroes for the 2018 Women of Excellence Event. Read more about our Local Sheroes below!

Lynette Trawick is a Philadelphia native, a Christian, a wife and a mother of 11. She is a Kingdom Entrepreneur with a deep passion and desire to serve her community in many different aspects, especially in the growth of our youth. She volunteers her time mentoring the youth at organizations such as Youth Angel Scholars, Camp Bright Feathers, Uniquely You Summit and more. She has a large heart, full of love that she wants to give.

Lynette is the founder of I Am U, Inc. I Am U is a two-fold organization serving cisgender, heterosexual women ages 25-45 years old. The original mission began with a strong focus on supporting only women living with HIV (I Am YOU). Gracefully the original mission gave way to the creation of a more inclusive side of the organization called I Am University, a non-restricted community, focused on teaching all women the power of self-love and practical ways to embrace the ‘true you’. Lynette educates through workshops, presentations, skits and other creative methods. She has facilitated and co-facilitated over 50 workshops to over 2000 attendees on topics varying from HIV/AIDS, healthy relationships, abstinence, as well as others to a variety of audiences, ranging from “Rap Sessions” with teenagers to individuals living in a senior living facility (55+), all races, faith based and non-faith based. She has been the Keynote Speaker at Breaking Barriers and Do the Right Thing 4 Life, a panelist at AIDS Delaware World AIDS Day, conducted training sessions for Philadelphia’s WIC Staff, and she was also a panelist at The Red Pump Foundation’s national Tour, Cupcakes and Condoms. Lynette uses her personal testimonies to reach her audience in a genuine and powerful way. She is also an author with her first book, From Diagnosis to Destiny, due to release in 2018.

With all the responsibilities she has from professional work to volunteering and being a wife and mother of 11, you would probably think there isn’t that much time in the world. Yet, she makes it look easy.

With God as the CEO of your life and businesses, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Yani Williams started Your AOK Foundation in 2007. Through her foundation she provides food, clothes, and furniture to the homeless and low income families in Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods. She feeds indoors at soup kitchens and outdoors for the homeless. She also feeds the veterans through her Breakfast 4 The Hungry program. She has a children's mentoring/feeding program called Urban 215 Youth Outreach!!

Yani feeds over 200 children a hot dinner every week between Monday and Friday during the school year! She takes them on trips during the summer while also giving them a great summer dinner in the evening. She is also a reading captain and is working on having a library at McVeigh Rec Center for the children. She also has a teen boys/girls mentoring program that she runs on Saturdays which helps them socially, emotionally & a desire to go to college. She wants them to be the best they can be in life.

She has other programs: Couponing 4 The Hungry, Gardening 4 The Hungry, Your AOK Jobs Today, Taking Care of Seniors Today, Grandparents Raising Their Grandkids, Your AOK Pantry House, Sisters & Brothers Feeding Program, Your AOK Community Cleanup Program, Your AOK Disaster Relief Program

Her ability as a leader to get the ball rolling and listen to God inside of her help make the programs as great as possible. Meeting the needs of the community whether it be food stamps or jobs to cleaning up the community and helping in soup kitchens and adding more to pantry bags. She's quite remarkable, compassionate & has a lovely attitude towards people & life. Yani Williams is married to Eugene Williams, Sr. for 30 yrs, mother 3 wonderful young men, 2 daughter in laws and grandmother to 4+ with one more on the way.

Officer Roslyn Talley is an 11-year-veteran with the Philadelphia Police Department. Currently, she is an instructor at the Police Training Facility. Officer Talley attended the Philadelphia Police Academy in September of 2007. Upon her graduation in April 2008, she was assigned to the 35th Police District. She is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College and is attending West Chester for her Master of Arts in Communications.

Since becoming a police officer, Officer Talley has used her position as a platform to be a blessing to so many. In 2011, she started a program for children with special needs called Widener Heroes for the Widener Memorial School. This program allowed Police Officers to adopt children with special needs for Christmas. Officer Talley has received many awards for leadership and love for the community.  

In 2012, Police officer Talley became the community relations officer for the 35th Police district. This was one of her favorite positions. She attended the meetings, quickly building relationships and worked hard to bridge the gap. She answered calls and ran to resolve problems as quickly as she could to de-escalate issues. She put together functions for children to play against police office officers in basketball or any other sport at a local recreation center. Her goal was to give a platform for police and community dialogue. It was during that time as a community relations officer, that former Deputy Commissioner Kevin Bethel reached out to her and asked her to work directly for him.

In 2013, Officer Talley put together a team for the Susan G. Komen organization called Pink Cuffs, raising over $15,000. She also started project to provide safety information for senior citizens in August - bringing in important agencies to assist the elderly community. Officer Talley also linked up with the Ronald McDonald House and helped the department raise over $26,000. In 2014, Officer Talley connected with Mason Wartman of Rosa’s Pizza and provided clothes and toiletries to the homeless. She hosted a prom dress giveaway, and working with her team of police officer volunteers to create a prom for kids with special needs. Now all of these programs are annual events. 

Officer Talley is also a member of Pennsylvania Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalist. She is currently a co-host on PQRadio1.com on Monday evenings from 5-7pm. Roz is a mother of two handsome sons, a beautiful daughter who has special needs, and a grandmother of two. She loves family, teaching, dancing, reading and she has a huge love for writing.

Dr. Doreen Loury is currently the Director of the Pan African Studies Program at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology. During her tenure at Arcadia she developed the university’s first African American Studies curriculum as well as the first minor in Pan African Studies. Dr. Loury took students to South Africa to explore how music contributes to politics and identity formation by exploring the historical, political and identity dynamics of several musical genres that have strong historical trajectories in Cape Town.  

Dr. Loury has won many awards and honors including the Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching, Arcadia’s Cultural Ally Award, 2016 Northwest CommUnity Coalition for Youth (NCCY) “Good Neighbor Award,” Montgomery County Black Women’s Educational Alliance Educational Award, and the 2012 Charles Henry Chapman Award. Dr. Loury also serves on several committees at Arcadia and beyond. At Arcadia she serves on The President’s Task Force on Alumni Affairs (presidential appointment), University Diversity and Community Task Force Committee, The Board of Trustees Enrollment Management Committee and the Library Technology Committee, and was the first African American to be appointed as a Senator to the University’s newly formed Faculty Senate. Dr. Loury has also served or currently serves on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s 21st CCLC State Advisory Board, Pennsylvania Achievement Gap Effort Council,  the Pennsylvania Governor’s Institute for “Integrating Academic Interventions Outside the School Day” Planning Committee, the Washington Center for Best Practices, National Advisory Council (NAC) for the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE), the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Black Women in Higher Education, and the Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education where she received the Eastern Regional Award for Outstanding Service. Dr. Loury is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Phi Beta Omega Chapter.

Dr. Loury developed several student organizations at Arcadia to assist students of color through their journey at the university: I.M.P.A.C.T. (Intelligent Men-of-Color Purposefully Accomplishing College Together); P.O.W.E.R. (Pushing Our Women of Color to Excel in the Real-World); M.I.A. (Melanin in Action) and worked to create the University’s first Black Alumni Association.

Dr. Loury is a recognized expert in the areas of race, class and gender equity, culture and media, multicultural and pluralism educational competencies and organizational research and evaluation. She was the co-director for the Sankofa 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant, the former Director of the Sankofa GEAR UP Project. In addition, Dr. Loury organized the Black Male Development Symposium and the Black Male Development Symposium and was for her continuing commitment and outstanding work as an activist and social justice educator; promoting peacebuilding in the community.

Dr. Loury received her doctorate from the esteemed Department of African American Studies at Temple University as well as an Advanced Certificate in Culturally Competent Human Services Training from the Multicultural Training and Research Institute of Temple University.  


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