On Air Weekdays: 7pm-12 midnight; Sundays: 12-3pm | Anthony Chocolate: Tony's got the Chocolate Sound that melts in your ear!For more than 40 years, Tony Brown's voice has been synonymous with the sounds of the night in the Delaware Valley. Tony's career in radio began on Temple University's WRTI in 1969, but his interest in radio actually began to develop around age 4.Tony performs on "Quiet Storm", the theme song for his radio program, that he co-wrote with Bert Willis and Philadelphia musicians Rob Arthurs and Rudy Gay.Tony's well-ordered priorities are God; his wife Sunshine and their family; career; rest; leisure activities; more rest; and various hobbies and other interests. He credits his success and longevity in radio to God and his loyal listeners, "without whom the past 40+ years would not have been possible... I'd love to be on the radio for many more." Tony Brown on Facebook Tony Brown on Twitter: @QuietStormHost Make a Request