February 19: Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley is a celebrated journalist, known for his extensive and highly impressive career in broadcasting. As a Philadelphia native, Bradley began his journey into the world of modern media right here at WDAS, where he moonlighted as a DJ and reporter. His work ethics led him to a position in New York, but years later, he would move to France and work with CBS to cover the Paris Peace Talks. Bradley acquired a taste for global content and went on to broadcast the Vietnam War from hostile locations like Saigon and Cambodia.

After years abroad, his return to the US brought forth new opportunities with CBS. In 1976, Bradley fixed himself in Washington D.C. to report on the Carter presidential campaign, soon making him the first televised African American correspondent to the White House. During this time, Bradley also anchored the CBS Sunday Night News, but in 1981, he would become part of the esteemed 60 Minutes program and catapult himself into a reporter and journalist’s dream career.

His span with 60 Minutes, at a lengthy 26 years, led to a number of captivating interviews with social icons such as Michael Jackson, Howard Stern and Neal Armstrong. The list could go on. He covered topics both heavy and heart lifting. Bradley’s ability to connect with and ease his respondents, earned him profound credibility and merit in within his field. He would receive nineteen Emmys, two Peabody Awards, and a Robert F. Kennedy Journalist Award for his numerous journalistic endeavors so far.

Ed Bradley has with no doubt become an icon in the broadcasting industry. This February we celebrate that, along with his love and devotion to the African American community.



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