Usher's Latest Herpes Accuser Doesn't Even Have Herpes, Possible Scammer

Usher's latest herpes accuser has filed a lawsuit against the singer, but not because he gave her the STD. Quantasia Sharpton claims she was spotted out at an Usher concert a few years ago celebrating her birthday, when a security guard asked for her number for Usher. Sharpton says she received a call from the singer later that night asking for her hotel name and room number. According to the suit, when Usher showed up, the two talked for a while before engaging in sexual relations. Sharpton recently spoke out at a press conference about the case. She did not contract herpes from Usher, but says she feels her rights were violated because he never disclosed his STD status with her before the sexual encounter.


While several claims have been made about Usher having unprotected sex and passing herpes along to some of his sexual partners, the singer has remained silent - not confirming nor denying the allegations or his STD status.

Attorney Lisa Bloom was at Quantasia's side during the press conference. She spoke on Usher's status and the lawsuits against him.


What's not a good look for Quantasia is her recent social media activity. According to TMZ, she goes by "Angel Valentino" online and posted her need for money just a week before going public at the press conference. See her recent posts here. She also participated in a Facebook Live video accusing her of scamming celebrities.

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