Brandy And Daughter Have Greatest Comeback For Pregnancy Rumors


Brandy posted the above picture to Instagram Monday and the internet went off! Reading between the lines, we could see how fans would think Brandy's caption was a cryptic message to her so called unborn child. Even her former Moesha co-star Countess Vaughn commented on the pic, congratulating Bran on the baby...which could have been some serious shade unless Vaughn really knows something we don't.

Nonetheless, the singer had to do some damage control. Brandy edited her Instagram bio to read: "People, I'm not pregnant!!! I got too much work to do. I just like pancakes and chocolate cake... let me live!!"

Brandy's daughter and ONLY CHILD Syrai even came to Mommy's rescue!


Like Brandy said, let her live in her pancakes and chocolate cake!

Patty Jackson: Patty TV

Patty Jackson: Patty TV

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