Teacher Allegedly Sends Students Home With Instructions On How To Make And Inject Crystal Meth

When Delight Greenidge's 13-year-old son came home with instructions on how to make and inject crystal meth, she was stunned. "I'm thinking this cannot be real," she said to CBCNews.

Her son said the project initially involved making an original skit about an old TV show using emotions, but when the idea fell through, the teacher suggested the crystal meth skit instead.

Greenidge said the assignment instructed the students to "act scared" when dramatizing making the drug, but to "act happy" when injecting it.

Seth Fletcher - a counselor with the Canadian Centre for Addictions - weighed in on the situation, stating, "I don't know if the intention was to condone drug use, but what's equally dangerous is what is the perception it leaves, and if someone in that classroom condones it, that's the exact same effect."

The Peel District School Board did confirm the teacher handed out the instructions to some students, but wouldn't give any details. Although the school is investigating, Greenidge is wondering why the incident happened at all. The teacher has since been suspended with pay until the investigation is complete.

Hear from the mother in the video below.

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