Mariah Carey & Her Twins Are Getting In The Christmas Mood! See More Here.

Mariah Carey for most of her career has keep her business life separate from her personal one. Since she has had her children, she has began opening up more and more.

Last week, Mariah discussed the importance of Christmas. "There've been so many experiences that I've had throughout my life where the fans saved my life. People come up to me and say 'Thank you for saving my life with your music,' and all these really nice things that they say to me,"-Mariah Carey. The power of music! 

Christmas for most is a time for eggnog and great times. Today, She shares an Instagram video of her and the twin's gearing of the for the Christmas holiday in song! 

See below.


The kids harmonizing with Mariah get me every-time. I'm loving every moment of this! What are some things you do to get prepared for the holiday's? I cook!    

Mimi Brown

Mimi Brown

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