Tyrese Is Not Issued To Pay For Childcare His Ex. Why?

The lastest we’ve seen from Tyrese was ushering in his newest bundle of joy into the world. Remember back when Reese took to social media about his child support arrengemants and let world know he wasn’t able to see his daughter Shayla, well his fight isn’t over.

In the lastest news, the judge on his case has issued that he doesn’t have to pay for childcare for his oldest daughter because the mother can clearly do it herself. 

During a recent court hearing, the judge questioned Tyrese’s ex , Norma, asked what is it that she does for 7 hours a day that she requires childcare? She responded, living her best life. In this sitiuation, the judge has sided with Tyrese as she doesn’t qualify for childcare assistances. 

I’ll keep you posted as more information surfaces.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

Mimi Brown

Mimi Brown

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