Jerry Wells Celebrates 70 Years of WDAS History & Legacy

Jerry Wells, a former morning show host and production manager on WDAS, talks with Loraine about his first exposures to radio, and how he realized at a young age he wanted to get involved in reporting and broadcasting, studying at KYW as a high school student and Temple University as a college student. He DJed on WRTI (Temple's radio station) and learned the skills and techniques that led him to a rich career in radio. Jerry Wells was hired in 1969 as a part-time newscaster on WDAS. He reminisces about the days in the station with notable WDAS talent like Georgie Woods, Jocko, Butterball, Mimi Brown, Louise Williams, Perry Johnson, and more. He also talked about his long working relationship and friendship with Tony Brown. Watch the whole interview below!