Annoyed Pat Sajak Asks Confused Wheel Player 'Have You Ever Seen The Show?'

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Wheel Of Fortune's Pat Sajak has been in the news recently because of how he's been acting on air. Some of the headlines about the host were a little embarrassing, like when he said "lift the ceiling" instead of "raise the roof," and when he accidentally opened the prize for the final round before the puzzle or unintentionally revealed a puzzle's solution. Other stories have been less endearing, like when he accused a contestant of lying, made a suggestive comment to a contestant, called a contestant ungrateful, and had a rather icy exchange with a player over a bad pun. Then there was the thing that caused many viewers to call for Sajak's resignation, when he allegedly made fun of a player's lisp. But Sajak's comments are nothing new, as a video from a few years ago shows.

In the clip, a contestant named Bob is clearly confused. He spins the wheel and lands on the mystery wedge which, if he chooses to pick it up, could be worth $10,000 or it could make him bankrupt. If he leaves it there, it's worth $1,000. He guesses "R" and there are three of them. Pat then gives him his options with the wedge but Bob doesn't seem to fully understand and responds by saying, "I'm going to buy a vowel." Realizing that might not have been the right thing to say, he adds, "Or do I do a consonant?" Pat tells him, "If you want to buy a vowel, now's the time." Bob asks, "If I get a consonant it's a thousand right?" Pat responds, "No, you already called a consonant," then scolds the player stating, "Bob, pay attention."

A sheepish Bob remembers what's going on and buys an "O," then spins again and guesses "M." There was one on the board so Bob then calls for a "D," but he did so without spinning. Pat laughs and says, "No, no, you have to spin again." Bob spins and exclaims, "It's a complicated game, Pat." He lands on $800 but before he has a chance to do anything, Pat says, "Bob, before you call a letter, and I don't mean this in any insulting way, have you ever seen the show?" Bob affirms and notes, "I'm just easily confused." He calls for the D and goes on to win the puzzle. When he congratulates Bob, Pat says, "That was somewhere between a 'Wheel of Fortune' round and a dental procedure."

Bob actually goes on to win the game but unfortunately, he is unable to solve the bonus puzzle, which is "Without A Word." When he sees what the solution is, Bob states, "That's where I was," which gets a laugh from the audience, but not from Pat, who stops the crowd and says, "Don't encourage him."

Interestingly, Pat was absent during the credits, which just showed Bob having a pleasant chat with Vanna White. While Bob got confused during the game, it wasn't a bad appearance for him - he walked away with $23,300 and a trip to Barbados.

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