R&B Duo Dvsn Responds To 'Toxic' Backlash From New Cheater's Anthem

Dvsn felt the need to explain the true meaning of the duo's latest viral hit after the "cheaters anthem" received a mixture of backlash and support from fans.

During their visit to The Breakfast Club on Thursday, August 4, the Canadian act reflects on all the feedback from its new song "If I Get Caught." Nineteen85 and Daniel Daley start off by revealing how they decided to use the sample of JAY-Z's "Song Cry," which appears throughout the song. After the crew acknowledges that Hov was the first to call it "toxic," Dvsn explains that the song is actually more "honest" than anything else.

"I think there's been a lot of women that immediately there's the triggering effect of it and they're like 'I can't believe you guys are out here promoting like a cheater's anthem with a whole bunch of guys on the hook,' Nineteen85 says. "And there's the other women who are like, 'You know what? I can see why you would say this because I've been in a situation like that before' or 'I've done it myself.' There's a lot of women now, not at first... as the days go by, there's a lot of women now kinda coming around like 'Yeah I've done that.'

"Honestly, it's not toxic at all," Daley says. "I'll explain. The record, for one, is not talking about a guy who's cheating at all. The whole song is about me talking about being in a situation with somebody who starts to feel like maybe the other person is cheating on them, and i start to address it from the standpoint of someone that's like noticing that 'yo everything used that attracted you to me is now turned into insecurities."

They also touched on how Jermaine Dupri helped get the sample cleared by reaching out to JAY-Z himself. That's when Hov told Dupri about his thoughts on the toxicity oozing from the track. Later on, the duo speak about Drake's influence on Toronto's music scene, the new generation of R&B and the expectations for their upcoming album. They don't too much away but does say that the next record will dive deeper past the egotistical themes of their current single.

Watch the entire interview up top and catch more moments below.

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