Cosby Appeal Is Denied; Mrs. Camille Cosby issues a statement

VIDEO: A Pennsylvania appeals court denied Comedian Bill Cosby's request to overturn his conviction. Mrs. Cosby and Cosby representatives have issued a statements. See the appeals court's rationale for denial HERE

Official Statement From Camille O. Cosby Regarding The Superior Court Judges Denying Her Husband’s [Mr. Cosby] Appeal

When are we, the people of the United States of America, going to end the acceptance of overall corruptions?

I can assure you that our personal battle against clear, racist, incestuous vindictiveness, within the Pennsylvania criminal justice systems, is not over.

Reform is a soft word; the action word, “purging,” is what needs to be done.

Camille Cosby

Official Statement Regarding Denial Of Mr. Cosby’s Appeal:

This news of the Superior Court denying Mr. Cosby’s appeal is appalling and disappointing, but it shows the level of corruption that resides in the Judicial System of Pennsylvania. These panel of judges never took the time to review the facts of Mr. Cosby’s appeal. Mr. Cosby’s appeal outlined the bias of Judge Steve T. O’Neill; showed that the jurists were tainted by juror #11 who stated, “Mr. Cosby is guilty, let’s not waste a lot of time and find him guilty;” showed that the 404(b) witnesses should have never being allowed to offer testimony in Mr. Cosby’s trial because they had “no” similar interests with Andrea Constand; and most importantly, Mr. Cosby’s deposition should have never been considered at the trial. It’s obvious that these judges’ minds were made up because they didn’t take the time to dissect Mr. Cosby’s appeal. We’re not shocked because it shows the world that this isn’t about justice, but this is a political scheme to destroy America’s Dad, however they will not stop us and we will prevail in the State Supreme Court. Mr. Cosby remains hopeful and he stands behind his innocence.

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