Hospital Worker's Were Fired For Reviewing Jessie Smollet's Records!

Bond Hearing Held For Actor Jussie Smollett After  Disorderly Conduct Charge

Photo Credit: @GettyImages

Everyone close to the Jussie Smollet case has been effected in more ways than one.

The night of the alleged attack, Jussie was admitted into the hospital and that same night, everyone in that hospitals job was in jeopardy. The nurses who worked in this hospital have been fired for allegedly reviewing his hospital notes.

For those unfamiliar to the story, Jessie Smollet in his January attack have now been fired due to reviewing his notes illegally. According to, "One of the nurses appealing her firing, claiming it was a misunderstanding and she simply scrolled by his chart.... The hospital declined to comment."

How interesting is this? According to "She says she wasn’t asked any questions and never had a chance to offer an explanation. She says she never accessed the actor’s chart but simply scrolled past it when looking for another patient’s name. She’s appealing and believes other [sic] may have been fired for simply scrolling past the name as well.”

This is absolutely wild. What are your thoughts? Tweet me @Mimibrown3 to continue the conversation.

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