Kelly Rowland Lets Us Know Whether Destiny's Child Will Reunite! See Here!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kelly Rowland wasn't having it when she was approached by a reported asking about a Destiny's Child reunions. Since the group separated, many have questioned when will the come back together to do a farewell tour, a song, or something! The fans have spoke! Kelly was not here for any of that! Kelly Rowland was asked " Should we be expecting a tour, song, something", Kelly responded saying "We're not talking about that now". Now!? So when?

The body language of Kelly showed she really wasn't liking the questions being asked. She was so tight lipped I personally wouldn't be surprise if they announced a tour tomorrow because she just wasn't feeling that interview!

Although the interview didn't go the best, a tour is necessary. The reporter did ask the hard questions.

Would you be hurt if Destiny's Child didn't come back for a farewell tour/concert/song? Would love to hear form you! Tweet me @MIMIBROWN3


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