Missy Elliot: First Female Rapper Inducted In Song Writers Hall Of Fame!

Missy Elliot has top charts and is an all around pioneer to her sound. No one does it like her! It only seem fitting that she is being honored for her craft. She will be the first female rapper added the the songwriters Hall of Fame! In 1996 when she released "Da Real World", I wonder if this was her on of her goals all along! With over 20 years of material "Missy"/"Misdemeanor" Elliott is being recognized by her peers. 

Her style was risque and her sound was exotic to the masses. Missy managed to continually reinvent her sound and look over the decades!

Photo Credit: Getty Images *2001

Photo Credit: Getty Images *2018

All version of Missy are unique. I don't believe her shoes can ever be filled, but at least she can reap the benefits of her handwork and determination. 

On a scale of 1-10 "Do you think this is long over due?"Tweet me @MIMIBROWN3 !

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