Diddy, Jay-z, Lady Gaga & More Declined To Be Apart Of R Kelly Doc Series.

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This R Kelly Documentary has taken on many forms. Have you seen it? If not, it is a must see on lifetime. It airs out a lot of R Kelly's dirty laundry. 

According to the shaderoom, "As we previously reported, R. Kelly’s lawyer said the project was filled with lies and threatened to file a federal lawsuit on Thursday if the network went through with airing the documentary." Lets just say, Lifetime did what they wanted and released the documentary.  Well there are a few of our favorite celebrities opted out of commenting when approached by this producer. 

According to www.nme.com "The three-part series on Lifetime premieres in the US tonight (January 3). The show traces allegations that Kelly sexually abused women and girls. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly and his former girlfriend Kitti Jones are among 50 interviewees who featured in the series, with that list also including John Legend and R&B artist Sparkle."

See more below:

John Legend said what he said! Well, this documentary is out and the art of public opinion is tearing him to shreds.  Read the comments and tweet me @mimibrown3 let me know your thoughts.

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