ATM Hands Out $100 Bills Instead of $10 Bills...Who Wants To Got To Texas?

How often do you go to an ATM to withdraw money to wish there was a error and it over delivers? This ATM in Texas has made some dreams come true!

A Bank of America in Harris County, Texas, mistakenly dished out $100 bills in place of $10 bills. Once the word spread,  a line grew outside of this ATM to get this free money.

You would think that the people that benefited from this error would have to pay the money back. The kicker is, they don't! Everyone gets to keep each penny made that evening. 

According to KTRK, customers began to fight each other within the two (2) hour period during the ATM glitch.

Moral of the story, whom ever loaded the bills into the machine obviously loaded them incorrectly and the machine was immediately shut down once this error was brought to their attention. Since then, the situation has been addressed. 

I do wonder," what would have happened if this matter was never reported?", I would be taking a flight to Texas! What would you have done? 


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