Lauryn Hill Was Late To Her Show Overseas & Preformed Only 32 Minutes.

We’ve all heard about Lauryn Hill’s ability to show up to her own shows late but this one takes the cake! Lauryn had a show overseas and she performed for only 32mins but the kicker is she was 2 hours late! 

Every venue has strict times to when they plan to end a show. Well, Lauryn’s 1 hour and 40 minute set became a 32 minute one. 

She then took to social media to apologize  for her tardiness, stating this apology:

“Dear Brussels and Paris,

We apologize for the late start. We’re working through the kinks of moving the production to Europe, with time changes and curfew restrictions, we’ve had a few challenges in these early shows.”

Her fans took to social media and expressed their frustrations.

I want to know, Would you still attend a Lauryn Hill concert?


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