Blac Chyna Launched A Skin Whitening Cream In Africa!

For hundreds of years, colorism has been an issue for the black/ brown communities. Colorism (noun): prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Dating back to the era of Jim Crow and slavery. It’s the notion that fairer skinned brown person’s are more tamed and along with many other non-factual idealologies.  Due to this long history of colorism, twitter and Instagram are dragging Blac Chyna as she has launched a skin bleaching cream in Africa. 

The cream claims to be used for dark marks on various parts of the body, but some are bleaching their skin all the way from their faces to their toes. See below 

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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Something is to be said about the location of this launch.  As well as making Blac Chyna is the face of this product. Some people are using as directed for their isolated dark marks and others are bleaching their entire body! Is Blac Chyna sending the wrong message to our Black and Brown brother’s and sister’s?



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