Rihanna Sends Trump A Cease & Desist The Pharrell Way! See More Here.

Donald Trump has done a lot of things during his time as president, some of which our favorite celebrities have spoken out on. Remember when Pharrell sent Trump a cease and desist for using his song “Happy” during one of his rallies right after the devastating shooting in the south. Pharrell is about to be a trend! 

Trump received a cease and desist from Rihanna’s legal team after  he used her song “Don’t Stop The Music” at his rally in Chattanooga. 

Don’t play with RihRih! Asides from her legal dispute with Donnie, today she has taken to her Instagram to encouraged people to get out and vote! Although she is not a citizen of the United States she’s doing all she can to get people to vote!

Thank you Rihanna!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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