Columbus Short Has A Warrent Out For His Arrest!

Columbus Short had a wonderful start in Hollywood. He was known for his acting, dancing, and physique. 

Today, if you search his name, the first thing you’ll see, is his most recent arrest warrant. What I want I know : what did he do?! 

Allegedly: Columbus failed to appear in court for his divorce proceedings with Tanee Short on Tuesday.

Sources say, this is the second time he has failled to appear for court just as the court planned to review his finances.

It’s unfortunate as he just was released from jail earlier this year after serving 34 days of a 1-year sentence for beating his newest wife, Aida according to I’m sad to say, but this doesn’t look good and warrants aren’t anything to mess with. 

I’m hoping for the best outcome for both parties. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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