Aretha Franklin Dressed To Impress & Changed Outfit 3x Before Funeral.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I heard of "casket sharp", but Aretha took that phrase to another level. The "Queen of Soul" served all kinds of looks before her funeral that left a lasting impression on everyone. 

Not only was her casket all gold she had gold material draped inside with "Queen of Soul"-inscribed, but that is not all! According to, On Thursday she wore a rose gold gown by St. John's, styled with a pair of gold Christian Louboutin heels, then on Monday, she wore a lace red dress with matching Christian Louboutin leather pumps, and switched into a blue sparkly dress with open-toed silver shoes for her Tuesday viewing.

She went out in style! As we reminisce about her life, there wasn't a time that she didn't give us style and elegance. She would be someone I would have loved to go shopping with! Im happy, I can remember her, just as she was!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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