We are beyond excited to have the beautiful Sanaa Lathan join us on Monday March 20th at 8:48 Est (Wow, that was unnaturally specific to write). She will be talking about her new show Shots Fired which airs on Fox Wednesday March 22nd at 8/7c. 

Sanaa Plays Ashe Akino the investigator who isn’t afraid of doing what she has to do to get the job done. Even as cliche as that sounds, you have to give it up to Sanaa for bringing the character to life in a non “Bruce Willis Die Hard with a Vengeance” way. Her character tries to cope with being a detective and a mom in a middle of a nasty custody battle. For me, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it, but her character seems to… 

I guess, cope is really the best way to describe it. Check out the character profile below

The show happens in the wake of 2 racially charged cop shootings. One, a black cop shoots an unarmed white teenager and the other a white cop shooting and killing an unarmed black teen. Now right off the top, this seems like a level of drama that all to familiar with real life and is guaranteed to stir up some raw emotions.