Dear SHMS,

My wife and I have been married for several years.  We've been together since our teens. My wife is everything ANY man could want!!! Beautiful, smart, caring, ambitious. You name it, she's got it!!! Here's to prove it- The day our first child turned six months old, I went to Iraq. While I was gone, she managed to raise our child alone, graduate high school early, work, and go to college. She seemed to always send me care packages when I needed them most, and I never missed any of my rare chances at a phone call!!! Even though she went through hell to graduate college, she was by my side from duty station to duty station. While she was in medical school, I got orders to another base. If we went, she would've had to quit school. I don't think so!!! I got out of the military. She graduated a year later. I was blessed with a great paying job, so we moved back home. Soon after, she started her career. Now, we finally have a stable home. Like I said, everything any man could want. She's the woman of my dreams but she's not. I've prayed about it. Did counseling, too. I'm not sure when, but at some point I stopped being in love with her. Don't get me wrong I'd give my life for her (as mad as I'd be about it.) It's not fair to her that she's giving me everything but I can't do the same. I want a divorce but she doesn't deserve to have her heart broken, either. What do I do?