Dear Steve & Shirley,

Two years ago after my ex boyfriend and I broke up I found someone who I clicked with completely. We could talk about everything and I could say we fell in love after a couple of weekS. It was so real it was the love I’d always prayed about but there was one problem. The person was a WOMAN, I’ve never been attracted to women and this was new to me so we couldn’t go out in public. We went out of town for simple things like movies and dinner all because this was uncomfortable to me. She was down with whatever cause she loved me. This went on for two years and now she’s gone. I wasn’t ready or strong enough to be with her but now I am. I’ve tried everything to get her back I’ve tattooed her name on me and everything but now she’s talking to a lesbian and she doesn’t really talk to me. I even proposed to her she says she scared I’ll go back like I was but I won’t I never wanted anything so bad I am ready now. Steve & Shirley, how do I get my Soulmate back?


I want my woman back