Dear Steve & Shirley,

Five years ago I made a very inconsiderate decision that resulted in the most precious gift I have ever had. Well I decided to rekindle not one but two relationships a week apart from each other and ended up getting pregnant with the time frame I couldn't determine if ex-one had gotten me pregnant or if it was ex-two. Since ex-2 was/is married I decided to only tell ex-one that I was pregnant unfortunately ex-two is very close to my family and found out as well. While I disclosed ALL THE INFO to ex-one upfront it wasn't until someone else had told ex-two that I privy him to the info (again he's married so I didn't expect anything of him.) Since coming clean to both at the time my child was six months and I offered to pay half for the DNA testing after a lot of back and forth being stressed between the two of them I offered to pay for the full testing. They would always agree to the testing and then not show up, respond to text or phone calls for weeks. Well now my child is four and asking for a father. Both men will respond to a text or drop by the house if they believe that my child is away or if they believe that there is sex involved (clarify; i am intimate with only one now.) My child has a bond with and really likes ex-one but cries every time ex-two comes near. I have told both that I am not interested in money from them I just want to be able to provide my child with everything I can and if that means letting them off the hook for support so they can be apart of my child's life then so be it........JUST TAKE THE TEST FOR CLARIFING PURPOSES...... What should I do about this?