Dear Steve,

My wife and I recently got married and I am one that love my wife to the tee. I'm always going out of my way for my wife and whatever she wants she gets. We dated for five years and in those five years I have always been faithful to my wife. Now every since last week she was online saw a guy which was her first love and they were best friends and they were separated when they were in middle school. Now for the past week or so from the time she wake up until the time she go to bed they are texting all day long. One night all of a sudden they are talking for six hours straight and I was up the entire time listening to the conversation and they didn't get off the phone until six a.m. It hurts because she is telling me one thing but I just happen to look through her phone and read the text messages. Not only does she have a picture of his private part in her phone. She sent him pictures of her private area as well. It is killing me because I was reading the text and she was telling him while I was laying next to her that she was thinking about him. My wife gets whatever she wants from me and what hurts so bad is I gave her my virginity and now my whole life is being messed up and I feel like I'm being replaced. I love her, I love her family, and I mean her entire family even her eighty four year old great grandmother. We have built such a strong foundation. I have been preaching since I was sixteen years old. A Man that loves his wife, who cherish her. I gave all of my love and everything my entire life. I am thinking about getting a divorce. Help me?

Godly Man