I have a major issue going on in my life and my marriage. Okay let me start by saying I love my husband so much, that is why this situation hurts so badly. I have been married over six years to a man I fell head over hills for, the problem is during our time that we dated, I found about him cheating several times. We broke up for a little while, he came back begging apologized and wanted another chance. (Well needless to say I took him back.) A short time after he asked me to marry him...and I said "yes," because I loved him, and figured the cheating would stop once he took the vows. I thought the cheating stopped, well it didn't! Shortly after we married we separated, but not before a lot of arguing and his behavior showed that something was going on. Distant from me, coming in late, had a cell phone I didn't know about. By this time I was pregnant, so we split up and he lied saying he had moved out of town. When he was really in the same town sleeping with quite a few women. Later it came out three women were pregnant at the same time. We stayed apart for some years, then one day he came to get my son and yes we slept together and it started everything back up. He wanted to get back together so after some time we did. Okay here comes the mess. There are several baby mamas who have decided to become friends, they are always calling, saying they want the kids to see him but really they want to see him and more if he will. He won't man up and let them know that there has to be order to this situation. They can't just call him when they want. Usually calling just to talk to him, nothing about the kids. He has been sneaking and seeing them, this situation is all out of control (his family goes along with it.) We also have kids together, I don't mind him seeing the kids but the women nor does he have respect. So I'm asking you what should I do. I will not put up with this disrespect for the rest of my life! I love him, but I love me more! I regret so many times taking him back! Steve don't be too hard on me, but tell me the truth!