Dear Steve and Shirley,

I grew up a complete tomboy. Most of my relatives even thought that I'd be gay once I got older. They were so wrong. My problem is that I grew up around a lot of boys so when it comes to relationships I fit the stereotype. Meaning, I can't just seem to be with one man. I've been with the love of my life for twelve years. We are high school sweethearts and I know that he will be my husband one day. For most of the time we've been together I been cheating with another man. It seems to only be for sex. Don't get me wrong my man is great in bed. It's just that I've been having sex with him since I've been fourteen and I like to have sex with other people. I always let the other person know not to fall in love with me because my heart is somewhere else. They agree but fall in love anyway. Then my mind begins to go crazy while they are making love to me knowing that the relationship isn't going anywhere past sex. All sex has been protected since I had my twins (seven years ago) and that's because I really don't know if they are my main guy's kids or not.