My son is in jail because he was caught having sex with a girl, her age was 14 and my son was 16. The mother came home and caught my son in bed with her daughter. She immediately called the police and reported these minors having sex as RAPE. My son at the time was still in highschool. While at work one morning I get a call from my mama, she says Dennis is being arrested at school. I go into a panic, leave my job, calling everywhere I can think of to try and find out what is going on. My son had been taken to juvenile court, in west Texas, to be charge for sexual assault of a minor. I find out where he was and drove there. I'm told he needs an attorney. Dennis was placed on probation and he didn't succeed at this at all. I let my son be railroaded as a minor. In the the state of Texas the oldest of the two minors in question is charged with sexual assault. Dennis went off to college and was on probation. He didn't complete it, he was then sent to jail. My son will be 23yrs old next month. To make a long story short my son is being punished for having sex with a minor while he was a minor hmself. All because a girl ask him to come over with his cousin. There is more to this, I feel this needed to heard by other parents.