I don't keep secrets from my husband, but I am in a dilemma. My husband has a computer shop, so he frequently meets new people. He recently told me about an older man who visits the store a lot to get help with using a computer. Well one day I stopped by the computer store to take lunch to my husband and I could see the man through the windows. Steve and Shirley, the man is my ex-boyfriend's grandfather. I know his grandfather well because he raised my ex-boyfriend. During the time I dated his grandson I was young and a freak! We did some of everything, some of everywhere! My husband knows I was a "wild child," but out of respect I never talk about explicit details with him. I'm a more responsible person now. I know it's inevitable that this man and I will cross paths at the store. Trust me, I'm a big girl, so seeing my ex's grandfather will not bother me one bit! Do know that I am STILL putting it down in the bedroom but only for my husband! I am concerned about how it will affect my husband if this man tells him about the illicit relationship I had with his grandson. I don't want him to be blindsided, so should I tell him the details about past relationship or just let it be?


Just Trying to Protect My Boo.