Dear Shirley and Steve,

I am a 21 year old female in a relationship with a 24 year old man we have a beautiful daughter together. I love him dearly and I can say that I know he loves me too. We have been together for 3 1/2 years almost 4. It feels like its going nowhwere he constanly tells me we're gonna get married. That we're gonna get our own place and be a family. He can't keep a job so its no money coming in on his end. He's lies all the time about the little things. Recently I've been finding condoms in his pockets and when I ask him about them he says that he just gives them away to people. He has different girls numbers in his phone and when I asked him about that he says he only use them to get money from them. I have no doubt in my mind that he is cheating but the only reason I havent left is because a few months ago I received "something" from another guy. When I went to the doctor I found out I had a STD and I don't know who it came from. I really love him and I wanna be with him. What should I do? HELP!!!!