Hi Steve,

Never in my life have I felt so used, abused, hurt, and insignificant. I met a man whom I thought could be my soul-mate. I have read your book, Think Like A Man. What stuck out to me the most was your advice about giving the brother who may not have as much as you want him to have a fair chance. This 50 year old man was in school at the time I met him, he lived with his mom, and he had no car. The more I got to know him the more I began to care for him. He told me that he had a problem with alcoholism in the past, but he had kicked it. However, it turns out that was not true. Needless to say I was there for the brother, helping him fill out applications. Being there for him emotionally,and sometimes financially. He once mentioned that he liked to call people when he was having sex and asked if I would allow him to call someone one while we were having sex of course, I said Heck No! I was going through some of my messages when I came across a message of someone moaning and groaning and I heard a woman at the end say, “Good Boy!” I asked him what was going on and he swore it was not him. On the 4th of July he told me he was going to Maryland for a week. That was fine with me, but he did not call me on the 5th day I decided to call him to see what was up. He started telling me that he didn’t owe me anything and he would not be bullied by me or any other woman. I was dumb founded! Afterall, I let this man into my heart, my home, and my life. I was nothing but decent to him. The next day, while checking my messages, again there was another voice mail of him engaging in a sexual act. When I confronted him about it he went on to tell me I was a crazy b, and I was foul because he wanted to apply for a job with someone I knew and I informed the people that he was not a loyal individual, and he would not be a good fit for the job. This man had the nerve to come to the conclusion that I was not good enough for him, but when I met him he had no job, no car, no money, and still is fighting alcoholism. I accepted him unconditionally and he would have the nerve and audacity to place conditions on me. That just down right trifling! Help me get over my pissed off ness Steve.

Heart ripped outta my chest in Atlanta .