Dear Shirley and Steve,

I've been keeping a secret from my man and I need you advice. I joined a local swingers club a little over two years ago and my sexual appetite desires being with more than just one man. I've been with my boyfriend now for six months. I really want to tell him about my other life but I don't know how. I have hinted around at the idea of us going to the parties as a couple and the idea of us becoming swingers. For play he will say yes but on the night of the party he doesn't want to go so I have to make up a story about where I’m going for the evening. I've tried to stop going but I simply can't. I'm stuck between my fantasy and the real world I'm not sure if I want to stop, if I need to stop. I like the swingers lifestyle its very addictive and very satisfying I can be who I want when I want without any ridicule or negative feedback. Its a world of complete bliss and fulfillment. However, I do enjoy my man in bed we are a very passionate couple its just that I need more than what he is giving me. I have a very insatiable appetite and I don't believe only one man can satisfy me at this time in my life. I do appreciate the idea of being with just one man and I do care about his feelings but I haven't been completely honest about my “other” sex life. Shirley, should I be honest with him or just leave things the way they are? Even if you do not read this on the air can you please give me some advice via email? Thanks Shirley! Thanks Steve!